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  1. Excellent work! I have only one complaint/question: I’m experiencing some problems with setting up users, since it seems like you have to have a minimum of “Hierarchy Rights” to look at sites with this masterpage – which most of my users don’t have. Please proove me wrong :-)

  2. This has now been fixed in a new update available on Codeplex. :)

  3. Jonathan says:

    Hi , thanks for the great work, im currently playing with this to applied to the entire company.

    Is it me or the button I like It and Tags & notes are not there with metro ui?

    i also got a strange bug with the fonts, underline not working???

  4. Sean Moran says:

    I have a screenshot to send you regarding the IE7 issues. I replicated it with designer tools, but it shows up on all the IE7 machines we have tested. IE7 is still widely in use here at Nordstrom.

    How shall I get you the image?

  5. Venkat says:


    I am trying to use fixed layout instead of fluid layout in sharepoint 2013. I have a problem with s4-workspace scroll bar, Acually I need scrollbar to body instead of s4-workspace.I tried to override with css..but some javascript is overriding my css. Can please help in overriding the javascript.


  6. Can you be more specific on how you used a fixed layout? What masterpage did you use?

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