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SharePoint 2013 Masterpage for SharePoint 2010 – Sneak Peek

Following on from the success and well received Metro Masterpage, I have decided to start building a SharePoint 2010 masterpage copying the SharePoint 2013 design.  This will enable those who want it to make your SharePoint “look” like 2013 even if the rest is the same.  Below is a screenshot of my current progress and if there is enough positive feedback / requests for this masterpage I will try to get it on codeplex as soon as I can.

Let me know your thoughts.


SharePoint 2013 Webinar – Ideas & Suggestions

…an update

Its been well over a month since my last post and after some much needed holiday after a seriously busy period I will be able to get back to updating the Metro Masterpage, releasing a MySite Metro Layout and releasing some new SharePoint 2013 content.  As part of my new content search, I will be creating and setting up some SharePoint 2013 Webinars which will be run through the company I work for (ICS Solutions Ltd).  These Webinars are intended to be more technical than most (although there may be an overview session to start with).  So this is an open call for all visitors to my blog to help come up with some suggestions to what direction they would like to see the Webinars go.  Some ideas that I have on the topics that may be covered are as follow.

  • WCM – SharePoint Web Content Mangement in SharePoint 2013
  • Design Manager / SharePoint 2013 Masterpage customisation – Create great new designs in SharePoint 2013
  • Content Search WebPart Configuration / Customisation
  • Whats new in Visual Studio 2013 for SharePoint 2013 and App Development
  • SharePoint 2013 App Development – Suggestions for an App you would like to see would be great.

These are only some initial ideas that I have on a series of Webinars that will be created over the coming months.  If you like, hate, or have some other great suggestions please let me know.  Once again thank you for all the positive comments I have been receiving regarding the Metro Masterpage which has had over 6000 downloads so far across various versions and thanks to all those who have spotted bugs, as I have tried my best to resolve as many as possible.

Watch this space for some great new content coming soon :)

SharePoint 2013 Screenshots – Updated



As promised below we have some screenshots from the SharePoint 2013 Public beta. All screenshots are taken from the Office 365 version of SharePoint and i will be installing the server edition asap and will post any differences. I

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have taken screenshots of the following:

  • Site Templates
    • Team Site
    • Blank Site
    • Document Workspace
    • Blog
    • Group Work Site
    • Project Site (New)
    • Community Site (New)
  • Settings Pages
    • Site Settings
    • View All Site Content
    • Apps (2 pages) – Apps have replaced “lists” as the term used.
  • MySites
    • Newsfeed
    • About Me
    • My Tasks
    • Edit Details
  • Office Web Apps
    • Word
    • PowerPoint
    • Excel
    • One Note

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Office 2013 & SharePoint Foundation / Server 2013 Public Beta OUT NOW!


SharePoint 2013 Public Beta Downloads

Announced today the Office 2013 public beta is hitting the web and is available for download.

SharePoint Foundation 2013

SharePoint Server 2013

Some usefuul SharePoint 2013 content

Click here for the customer preview of the Office Suite also.

Coming VERY soon will be full screenshots of all the new functionality and sites that have come with SharePoint 2013.