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Enhanced Promoted Links for SharePoint 2010



Its been a while since my last post so I decided that it would be a good idea to provide some new community content.  As you are all well aware, SharePoint 2013 has been shown to the world and one of the features that have come along with the preview was something known as Promoted Links.  In SharePoint 2013 this is a custom list type with a specific view on the list that showed you your links in a nice enhanced manner with some javascript goodness.  I really liked this functionality so I decided to not only create it for SharePoint 2010 usage but i also enhanced the implementation.

SharePoint 2013 Version

Here is a screenshot of what the OOTB SharePoint 2013 version of the Promoted Links looks like.

As you can see its a very clean and nice Metro Windows 8 style interface.

LifeInSharePoint Edition

So what is new in the LifeInSharePoint Edition?

  1. Sandbox Solution (Works with SharePoint Online / SharePoint 2013)
  2. Reordering enabled like the OOTB Links List (Single post deployment step required)
  3. Customise the Background colour of the blocks using the WebPart Settings.
  4. Custom Link Titles using the WebPart Settings.
  5. Integration with Font Awesome.  If you cannot find a suitable image try one of the hundred odd icons from the inbuilt font.



To download this webpart please visit our Codeplex site and if you like it please leave a good review :)


To use the new Promoted Links WebPart first download and upload the solution to your site collection.  After you have activated the feature you are able to create a new list from the LifeInSharePoint – Promoted Links list definition.  Once you have created the list please modify the default view and and enable the radio button “Allow users to order items in this view?”  After this you are then able to add the WebPart onto the Page and configure the webpart to point to your newly created list.


As you can see the new version is as close as I could get to the SharePoint 2013 version with my own LifeInSharePoint enhancements.  Should you have any issues or identify any bugs please let me know via the comments.  Really hope you all like it :)