Metro UI – SharePoint Masterpage for Sandbox Solutions

Just a quick note that i have updated and created a blue themed wsp which now works in a Sandbox Solution.

Hope this helps some people.

I am the SharePoint Development Lead at ICS Solutions Ltd. As well as broad knowledge in SharePoint 2007, 2010 & 2013 my specialities lie with SharePoint Branding, WebPart Development and JQuery integration.

3 Comments on "Metro UI – SharePoint Masterpage for Sandbox Solutions"

  1. ChrisB says:

    Sandbox version is great! A couple of quick questions:
    (1) Any plans for the green & red versions in sandbox form? If not, how hard is it to change the color scheme from blue to other?
    (2) Any ideas/plans to add to the Accordion Quicklaunch a +/- (expand/collapse) rotating icon to the left of the menu text? Example from site:

  2. Fernnades says:

    Hi Chris,

    Thx for sharing, it’s a very nice theme. I’m testing this on a public sharepoint site @Office 365 and I’m facing this problem: Solution works like a charme with authenticated user, however anonymous user are getting “file not found” error accessing the site.

    Any information on how to solv this issue?

    Keep up the good work ;)

  3. I will look into this and see if i can produce a fix.


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