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ICS Solutions – Dip into SharePoint 2010


ICS Solutions CTO Symon Garfield and SharePoint Developer Nick Lloyd-Jenkins presented a guest speaker session at the FASTforward Summit in London on the 1st December 2009.  It was here that ICS Solutions launched one of the first commercial 2010 websites.  The new website uses many of the new technologies in SharePoint 2010 and makes special use of the new Client Object Model for displaying content through the rich UI of Silverlight 3.0.

The Dip into SharePoint 2010 site contains invaluable information on SharePoint 2010 from training materials to reference materials to gear up organizations and technical professionals.  The site also gives users the ability to sign up for a free SharePoint 2010 Site collection with 25mb of storage for evaluation.  To signup for this free site collection click the link below.

Coming soon will be explanation on how the website was built from the developer who built the site….me.